Young Offenders

When a minor is accused of a crime or faces criminal charges, it is critical that his or her parents or guardian take the matter seriously and take proactive action to face the matter head-on. The manner in which the case is handled could make a profound impact on the minor's future.

At Edward Chu Law Offices, we are committed to providing juveniles and their parents with the legal resources they need to handle the charges efficiently and effectively, minimizing the impact they may have on the child's future.

Juveniles (those under the age of 18) will be charged and prosecuted differently than adults in the regular criminal justice system because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Judges are often looking for opportunities to give minors a second chance and the opportunity to redeem themselves. Because of this nuance, negotiations with prosecutors proceed very differently than in the adult justice system. It is important that the youth offender is represented by a lawyer who understands these complexities and how to navigate the youth criminal justice system to achieve the best possible outcome.

We Defend Against All Criminal Charges Against Youths

Our firm is equipped to provide skilled criminal defence to minors facing all types of charges, including assault, sexual assault, mischief, robbery, drug charges, weapon charges, uttering threat, theft and more.

Juveniles And Criminal Records

If your child is found guilty of the offence, sometimes even for serious charges there is the possibility that he or she could avoid jail sentences or even criminal record which can have a significant impact on the young offender. You need to work with an experienced criminal defence lawyer to accomplish this and ensure that your child can escape the shadow of youthful indiscretions.

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