Theft Under $5,000 (Five Thousand) Theft Over $5,000

As with other charges, if you have been accused of theft, the earlier you retain counsel, the better your chances of avoiding conviction or unjust repercussions.

At your initial consultation at the law office of Edward Chu, our lawyer will ask about your personal history and the circumstances of your arrest. After looking at the evidence against you, Edward will give you an honest opinion about your situation, and help you make the best decisions about how to proceed with your case.

Defending A Theft Charge, Including Theft Under $5,000 And Theft Over $5,000

Some of the key relevant factors are:

  • Criminal record (or the lack thereof): Many of our clients come to us with no criminal record, and their priority is to keep their record clear. We will examine ways to do so, including the possibility of court resolution (alternative measures or diversion). If you have a record, Mr. Chu can provide you with a realistic analysis on the potential sentence.
  • Circumstances of your arrest: All evidence against you must be obtained following a number of very strict rules. For example, even if you have made statements to the police, it may be possible to get them excluded if the police did not follow the rules when taking your statement. Any evidence that is excluded cannot be used against you, no matter how damaging it may look.
  • The value of what was allegedly taken: Generally speaking, the penalties sought by crown prosecutor are more severe if you are charged with theft over $5,000.
  • Circumstances of the charge: Taking from your business or your employer may be treated more seriously, as it implies a lack of trustworthiness (breach of trust). Depending on what happened, we may also be able to show that you did not intend to take anything that did not belong to you.

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