Driving While Prohibited

Being charged with driving while prohibited may not seem like a big deal to you, especially if nobody was hurt. A conviction or guilty plea to a driving while prohibited charge for the first-time offender is driving prohibition for a minimum of one year and a fine of $500 minimum.

Even though it is a British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act offence, it is taken very seriously by the criminal justice system, and there are mandatory minimums upon conviction. Even more so than most driving offences, the consequences of driving while prohibited or disqualified can be serious. They can include:

  • Mandatory driving prohibition of one year for the first offence
  • Mandatory 14 days in jail for a second offence
  • The possibility of up to six months in jail even for a first offence
  • Minimum fine of $500, even on first conviction
  • Higher insurance rates once you are allowed to drive again
  • Possible loss of your insurance
  • 10 points on your driving record
  • Loss of the car you were driving, with towing and storage charged to the owner of the car, even if you were only borrowing it

How To Defend A Charge Of Driving While Prohibited

The most important thing to do as soon as you are charged is to contact a lawyer experienced in this area of law, as they are often particularly technical, like driving while impaired.

At the office of Edward Chu, we will look at the personal circumstances and reasons that have led you to drive while prohibited, and explain them in a way that will help your case if necessary, instead of hurting it. We will also look at the evidence against you, whether the police officer followed the proper procedure, and including the notes taken by the police officer who charged you.

There are defences available. It takes experience to know which ones the court is likely to entertain. Our aim is to minimize the damage as much as possible, and keep you from losing your driving privilege and possibly even your freedom and liberty.

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