Our lawyer, Edward Chu, has an excellent track record of success providing effective and proactive criminal defence for clients against a wide variety of charges, including:

  • Assault: The majority of our cases are domestic assaults, but we also have many clients who come to us after an argument with a neighbour or stranger has gotten physical. We also represent clients charged with sexual assault.
  • Theft: Whether you are charged with fraud or theft over $5,000 or under, you should be fully aware of all the evidence against you, and all of your options for defence.
  • Drug charges: These include possession, cultivation and trafficking. The consequences, particularly when it comes to future jobs and international travel, may be considerable.
  • Driving offences: These charges include anything that can be done with a vehicle, including impaired driving, recklessness, speeding, traffic violations and driving while prohibited. When the charges accompany an accident, most clients are aware that the consequences of conviction could be considerable. When they are "victimless" crimes, clients may be unaware of just how much financial and practical expense they may risk upon conviction.
  • Judicial interim release: The firm represents individuals at bail hearings.
  • Young offenders: Edward Chu represents minors charged with offences.

Legal services are offered in English or Mandarin with other language capabilities possible if needed, including working proficiency in Cantonese.

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